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A plant-based diet is kind, good for the planet and nutritious. Our fresh veggies and harvested proteins give you all the energy and flavor needed to have a great day. 

Go Vegan

Vegan Key Features

check High-fiber

check High-protein

check Healthful fats

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Vegan Nutritional Info

check Sustainable for the planet

check Nutrient-rich

check Improves kidney function

check Lowers risk of heart disease

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Why Ideal Nutrition Vegan?

check Delicious whole foods

check Plant-based proteins

check Healthy fats

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Vegan Diet FAQs

What is the vegan diet?

Vegans have better health and live longer than those who eat meat. Join the 79 million vegans who are the voice of animals or want to relieve health-challenging symptoms. Being vegan is one of the top ways to go green. Enjoy fruit, vegetables and plant-based proteins in a whole new way with our varied menu that will make your carnivore loved ones more than a bit jealous! 

What is the Ideal Nutrition vegan meal plan?

We take your health seriously at Ideal Nutrition. A vegan diet can be complicated if there is not enough protein to balance carbs and healthy fats. We embrace high-quality whole foods such as nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Experience the difference that vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients make in your health today. Your digestive and immune systems will be supported as you delight in our delicious meals. 

What is included in Ideal Nutrition's vegan meals?

Our delicious vegan meals include plant-based proteins, high-fiber produce and our signature sauces and spice blends. 

What isn't included in Ideal Nutrition's vegan meals?

Don't worry, you won't even notice these restrictions with how good your meals are. Your meals with have no:





Who is a vegan meal plan right for?

Anyone who is seeking to go green while eating greens will love a vegan diet. As a highly sustainable diet, you will be free of all animal products and filled with energy from so many nutrient-dense options. Experience more energy while exploring a variety of foods. 

Can I order a vegan meal plan in bulk?

With a variety of healthy preps, our vegan meals may come in bulk sizes, so you can order as many servings as you need each week. This is a convenient option for families and office workers who would like to save time and energy. You can add meals from different diets and mix choices as you want.

Can I order just one vegan meal?

Sure, you can order a vegan meal from our menu in single servings. It will be delivered to your address or you can use our take & go service. Ordering a single meal prep is a great chance to get acquainted with our brand and the vegan food we offer.

Can I take & go my vegan meals on my own?

Yes, you can. Our take & go service allows you to pick up your vegan order in one of our locations and enjoy it right away. This way, you will save time on the delivery process and still get the same healthy meal preps.

What meal prep containers for vegan food are used by Ideal Nutrition?

At Ideal Nutrition, we use only BPA-free meal containers made of biodegradable materials. All our vegan meals are prepared in microwave-friendly containers that can be reused and recycled according to your local regulations. Once you get your meal delivered, open the lid and reheat the meal prep if desired.

Are Ideal Nutrition vegan meal preps labeled?

Yes, all our vegan meals are labeled with their ingredients and nutritional information. Our chefs work hard to provide vegan food that has a balanced nutrition profile. You will also get heating directions on our packaging.

How to store vegan meal prepping so it lasts?

When you receive your vegan meal preps, store them in the fridge and consume within 3-5 days. If you don’t think you'll finish all of your meals before then, freeze the vegan meal prep. For the best experience, it's recommended to eat the food within 24 hours after delivery.

How to reheat paleo meal preps by Ideal Nutrition?

When it's time to eat, reheat the vegan meal prep in a microwave for 2 minutes. If you want to use a stovetop, heat the meal on low flame for 10 minutes. Make sure you remove the sauce container before reheating. In the case of frozen meal preps, let the vegan food thaw before heating.

Vegan Diet Explained

What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet is free of all animal products. It consists of fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and plant-based proteins. You won’t find meat, dairy, seafood or honey in this diet! When properly balanced, a vegan diet is rich in vitamins B1, C and E. It is also abundant in folic acid, magnesium and iron, but low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Health benefits

A vegan diet may help alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease, hypertension and stroke. Americans suffering from obesity may be recommended to go on a vegan diet by doctors to reduce their body mass index and lower blood sugar levels. A vegan diet may protect against some forms of cancers, including prostate, breast and colon. It can also help to alleviate arthritis and improve kidney function.

Which foods can I expect in my meals?

The secret to being a healthy vegan is a balanced diet. Our vegan menu is nutritionally designed for the results you seek, saving you hours of meal prep and research. Ideal Nutrition makes it easy for you with balanced meals that re-introduce vegetables and introduce plant-based proteins in a whole new way. Veggie-packed bowls with our signature sauces and tasty plant-based protein options make it easy for you to have more energy and improved well-being with our delivered meals.

How can I make this diet work for me?

It may surprise you to know that many top professional sports players are opting to be no-meat athletes. They find that bulking is just as easy as when eating animal-based proteins. With this in mind, anyone can make a vegan diet work for their lifestyle. We make sure every meal is perfectly balanced so you get all the nutrients you need with whole grains, fresh vegetables and plant-based proteins. You will feel fuller for longer and enjoy all of our signature sauces.

Can I lose weight on the vegan diet?

Yes, you can shed some calories off while enjoying our vegan meals. Eating vegan is a healthy lifestyle choice that helps in weight loss. Plant-based food items are naturally low in fat and calories. They also provide a good amount of proteins, fiber, and other vital nutrients. A balanced vegan diet can help you maintain your desired weight or cut off excess pounds.

Can I use the vegan diet for muscle gain?

Absolutely! You can gain muscle mass on the vegan diet with Ideal Nutrition meal preps. Our meal preps contain all the essential macronutrients and micronutrients that your body needs to build lean muscles. With regular exercise, you can maintain a healthy weight and get toned muscles while consuming vegan food items.

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