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Gluten-Free Meal Prep Delivery Service
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Goodbye, Gluten

Heal your core with a diet that is balanced and varied. Our fresh produce, high-quality proteins and mixed starches give you all the energy and flavor needed so you never feel deprived.

Truly Gluten-Free

Gluten-Free Key Features

check High-fiber

check High-protein

check Healthful fats

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Gluten-Free Nutritional Info

check Improve your well-being

check Nutrient-rich

check Reduce inflammation

check Smoother digestion

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Why Ideal Nutrition Gluten-Free?

check Delicious whole foods

check High-quality protein

check Healthy fats

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Gluten-Free Diet FAQs

What is a gluten-free diet?

Found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt and cereal grains is a glue-like protein called gluten. It causes inflammation, digestive issues and intense sensitivity for more than three million Americans. The one true way to alleviate symptoms that affect every organ in your body is to cut grains out of your diet. Enjoy fruits, vegetables and meats in a whole new way with our varied menu that will make your carb-addicted loved ones/gluten gluttons green with envy! 

What is the Ideal Nutrition gluten-free meal plan?

We take your health seriously at Ideal Nutrition. A gluten-free diet can be bland if there isn’t enough variety and flavor. We mix up your starches so you never get bored and reinvent meal staples, like sandwiches, so you never feel deprived. 

Your digestive and immune systems will be supported as you delight in our delicious meals. 

What is included in Ideal Nutrition's gluten-free meals?

Our delicious gluten-free meals include high-quality proteins, fresh produce, a variety of starches, and our signature sauces and spice blends. 

What isn't included in Ideal Nutrition's gluten-free meals?

Don't worry, you won't even notice these restrictions given how good your meals are without:



Traditional dressings and sauces


Who is a gluten-free meal plan right for?

Although it is popular to stay away from gluten right now, those with true gluten intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome will find our meal plans to be convenient and delicious. If you are not sure, consult your doctor or dietician to test for gluten sensitivity. You may want to start eliminating gluten from your diet to see if your symptoms improve. 

Can I order a gluten-free meal plan in bulk?

Yes, we offer a variety of gluten-free meals that can be ordered in bulk. Our gluten-free meals are freshly prepared and designed to provide you with all the nutrition for the entire week. This is a life changer for families and office workers who don't have enough time to cook. By ordering our gluten-free meals, you will ensure your body gets healthy fuel instead of non-satisfactory fast snacks.

Can I order just one gluten-free meal?

Yes, you can order just one gluten-free meal from our menu if you don't need a full plan. We offer single meals to make sure that everyone gets something tailored specifically for them. Once you decide to expand your meal plan, you can subscribe to a weekly plan to get our gluten-free meals on a frequent basis.

Can I take & go my gluten-free meal plans on my own?

Sure thing! All our gluten-free meal preps come with a special container that allows easy transportation. Visit our locations page to find one of our stores near you.

What containers for gluten-free meals are used by Ideal Nutrition?

Our gluten-free meal preps are packed safely and sealed tightly in airtight, biodegradable containers to ensure the freshness, flavor, and quality of your meal. They are BPA-free and safe for microwaves.

Are Ideal Nutrition gluten-free meals labeled?

Yes, all of our gluten-free meals are clearly labeled to ensure that you know what to expect when you receive your meal. Each container comes with nutrition facts, ingredients, and heating directions. Important to mention, our container labels mention total carbs. The net carbs can be easily calculated - total carbs minus fiber.

How to store gluten-free meal prepping so it lasts?

The ideal way to store your gluten-free meals is refrigeration or freezing. If you choose to freeze, we advise thawing the meals in the fridge 24 hours before eating them. This helps keep the flavors as well as nutrition intact. You can store frozen gluten-free meal preps for up to 3 months. If stored in a fridge, you can keep the gluten-free food for up to 5 days.

How to reheat gluten-free meal preps by Ideal Nutrition?

We recommend heating gluten-free meals in the oven at 350°F for around 10 to 15 minutes or until the food reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. You can also heat them up in a skillet on medium heat for around 5 minutes or until it’s hot enough to your liking.

Gluten-Free Diet Explained

What is a gluten-free diet? 

A gluten-free diet is free of all grains. It consists of fruits, starches, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and proteins. No boring starches in this diet! When properly balanced, a gluten-free diet is rich in vitamins and minerals so you can heal your gut.

Health benefits

A gluten-free diet may help alleviate the symptoms of the autoimmune disorder celiac disease. The one percent of Americans suffering from celiac disease can permanently damage their intestines if they are not careful. Those suffering from a wheat allergy, non-celiac gluten sensitivity or IBS will also find delicious ways to avoid gluten with our meal plans.

Which gluten-free foods can I expect in my meals? 

The secret to being gluten-free is a varied diet. Our gluten-free menu is nutritionally designed for the peace of mind you seek, saving you hours of meal prep and research. Ideal Nutrition makes it easy for you with varied meals that prevent stomach pain and discomfort, rashes, bloating and fatigue in a whole new way. Starch-packed meals with our signature sauces and high-quality protein options make it easy for you to have more energy and improved well-being with our delivered meals.

How can I make this gluten-free diet work for me?

For those who do not suffer from celiac disease, going gluten-free is a popular way to reduce simple carbs and sugar. Those who have to skip gluten to avoid a multitude of symptoms will find our delivered meals a great way to stay safe and comfortable. We pack our meals with key nutrients your body can easily absorb to avoid deficiencies that can affect your focus and mood. 

Can I lose weight on a gluten-free diet?

Yes, it is possible. In fact, a gluten-free diet could help reduce your calorie intake and even improve digestion. Avoiding processed foods with added sugars and unhealthy fats will assist in weight management and overall health.

Can I use the gluten-free diet for muscle gain?

Yes, a gluten-free diet is a nice way to fuel your body and give it the nutrients it needs while on an exercise routine. Consuming proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins can help support muscle growth.

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