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We’ve come out of the caves and into the cities, but our bodies' needs haven’t changed. Paleo includes what our ancient ancestors would have thrived on - high-quality meat, fibrous vegetables, and minimal grains.

Return to nature’s original diet and discover meals that your body will thrive on. Your diet will automatically be cleaned up and you can become a modern-day warrior.

Discover how to serve your body through nutrition that has stood the test of time. 

Get Paleolithic

Paleo Key Features

check High-quality meats

check Fibrous vegetables

check Signature sauces

check Fresh seafood

check Nuts and seeds

check Healthy oils

Paleo diet Key Features

Paleo Nutritional Info

check Boosted weight loss

check Improved blood pressure control

check Lower triglycerides

check Enhanced appetite management

check Healthy blood glucose

check Balanced cholesterol

Paleo Diet Nutritional Info and facts

Why Ideal Nutrition Paleo?

check Fresh produce

check Lean yet tasty proteins

check Healthy fats

check Nutrient-dense meals

Ideal Nutrition Paleo meal delivery service

Paleo Meal Delivery Common Questions

What is the paleo diet?

Our ancient ancestors ate off the land with no processed foods. Instead, their diet focused on nutrient-dense whole foods. They hunted organic and free-range beasts of the wild and caught fresh seafood. In addition, they gathered fibrous vegetables, as well as some nuts and seeds.

What is the Ideal Nutrition Paleo meal plan?

Your ancient ancestors didn't have to go to the supermarket, and neither do you with Ideal Nutrition's delivered meals. Instead, we help you align with paleo's general principles so you can look, feel and perform better. 

What is included in Ideal Nutrition's paleo meals?

Our delicious paleo meals include high-quality proteins, the freshest produce and our signature sauces and spice blends. 

What is not included in Ideal Nutrition's paleo meals?

Don't worry, you won't even notice these restrictions with how good your meals are. Your meals with have minimal to no: Beans, Peas, Lentils, Sweeteners.

Who is a Paleo meal plan right for?

Anyone sensitive to dairy, grains, or legumes may thrive on a paleo diet. Fitting in with any lifestyle, discover the diet athletes, nutrition enthusiasts and those looking to increase their energy levels prefer. 

Can I order a paleo meal plan in bulk?

Yes! You can make a bulk order for our paleo meal prep, and we will deliver it to you every week. With our paleo meal plan subscription, you will get free delivery and preferred delivery dates. Our paleo meal plans are updated on a frequent basis, our meals arrive fresh and secure. So you will enjoy new and tasty paleo meals every time. You will be billed each week on the same day. You can easily customize how many meals of the caveman diet you want to receive.

Can I order just one paleo meal?

Yes, you can order any meal from our paleo meal prep menu and get it delivered to your doorstep. Once you decide you want to try more of our healthy meals made from organic ingredients, you can subscribe to our weekly menu and taste paleo dishes on a frequent basis.

Can I take & go my paleo meal plans on my own?

Sure, you can grab your fave paleo meal plan from one of our Ideal Nutrition stores. Check our locations in South Florida to shop for healthy paleo meal preps.

What meal prep containers for paleo food are used by Ideal Nutrition?

All of our paleo preps come in BPA-free, recyclable containers. This means that our paleo food is not only delicious and healthy but also safe for the environment. Our paleo meal prep containers are oven and microwave-friendly. You can reheat your food without unboxing, which is super convenient if you're short of time. Simply remove the container lid before reheating.

Are Ideal Nutrition paleo meals labeled?

Yes, our paleo meal prep containers come with a nutrient label that includes the name of the paleo meal, macro and micronutrient breakdown, serving size, and allergens. We believe in transparent nutritional information so you can make informed decisions about your diet. Note that our labels mention total carbs. The net carbs can be easily calculated - total carbs minus fiber.

How to store paleo meal prepping so it lasts?

You can store our paleo meals in a fridge for up to 4-6 days. In case you want to prolong your paleo meal, you can freeze it. Our paleo meal delivery service labels all meal prep containers so you know exactly when the meal expires. For proper use, put our paleo-prepared meals in the fridge as soon as you get them delivered.

How to reheat paleo meal preps by Ideal Nutrition?

Reheat your delicious paleo meal prep in a microwave for about 2 minutes. If you want to heat up your paleo-friendly meals in the oven, make sure it is not frozen. Then, bake it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-20 minutes or until heated through.

Paleo Diet Explained

Paleo Meal Prep Delivery Service

While the Paleolithic diet goes by many names, at its core, it is a diet rich in fresh vegetables, some fruits and nuts, and high-quality, lean meats. The diet opts for minimal to no dairy, grains and legumes. You won’t find refined carbs or sweeteners in this diet! Your meal plan will include eggs, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. Perform better without empty calories and processed food.

Health benefits

If you find a few extra pounds are turning into love handles, paleo might be the answer. By removing empty calories and processed food from your diet, your weight loss is boosted with fresh produce and high-quality proteins. Your body will love eating as it was designed to and will thank you with improved blood pressure and lower triglycerides. By taking you off the sugar high and crash vicious rollercoaster, your appetite will be easier to manage. Performance, mood and focus will also skyrocket.

Which foods can I expect in my meals? 

Paleo fans believe the diet consists of what our bodies are meant to metabolize. Go to the lower carb side with delicious meals. Explore delicious meals that your ancient ancestors would have raised their clubs to. Each of our meals is easy to track on MyFitnessPal and other related apps so you can exceed your weight loss goals. And we make it so easy for you to have more energy and improved well-being with delivered meals.

How can I make this diet work for me?  

Paleo is popular among professional athletes who are looking for a competitive advantage in every meal. Weekend warriors and those looking to get back into a fitness routine can also benefit. Your body is designed to easily metabolize proteins, fats and greens. Our paleo meals eliminate grains, dairy and sweeteners so you drop stubborn pounds and harness the power of your ancient ancestors. Feel fuller for longer and keep your blood sugar stable throughout your day.

Can I lose weight on the paleo diet?

Yes, paleo meal planning is a top choice if you want to lose some weight and improve your health. The paleo meal plan focuses on eating whole, nutrient-dense foods of organic produce that are high in protein and low in sugar and refined carbohydrates. By consuming fewer processed foods and simple carbs, your body will burn more fat as fuel, leading to faster weight loss. Additionally, following a paleo diet can help reduce cravings for unhealthy foods like sugary snacks. It will reduce your overall calorie intake and promote healthy habits like regular exercise.

Can I use the paleo diet for muscle gain?

Yes, the paleo diet can be an ace choice if your goal is to build muscle. The paleo meal prep delivery service from Ideal Nutrition offers high-quality protein sources like meat (e.g. grass-fed beef) and eggs, which are ideal for fueling and supporting muscle growth. The paleo diet emphasizes eating plenty of healthy fats, which are important for building and maintaining healthy muscles. By following a well-balanced paleo meal plan in conjunction with regular exercise, you can achieve your fitness goals properly. Consider gluten-free meals without refined sugars and GMOs to keep your body clean.

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