People You Should Follow

Should Follow
Personally, I think filling your feed with inspirational/motivational people is important. When I scroll Instagram, it's full of fitness quotes, workouts and healthy recipes. It instantly motivates me to do something better with my day. 
According to multiple studies, scrolling Instagram can actually cause depression in younger adults and kids. Making it even more important to be selective with who you follow and what you see on your feed.
Here are a few accounts I love and suggest following. 


1. ashleigh_jordan

I love this account. She is my favorite to follow. She posts tons of great workouts (and labels them on her cover photo so it's easy to know what the workout is). She also has a clothing brand, which is my favorite fitness brand. It's called Navigation. Try it! She doesn't post too often on her story, but it's always motivating and inspiring. Her and her boyfriend have a cute story as well.


2. ashybines

This girl is ALWAYS on the move! It's crazy. She updates you constantly throughout the day on what she's doing, which I find motivating. She's a wife and a mother, so she also shares tons of parenting tips. She takes a walk every single morning and vlogs about it. She has her own fitness company, clothing company and sells supplements. Ashy has a lot going on and manages it all well. I promise you'll want to get up earlier and keep your day active when you watch her stories. 


3. eddiesfitness

This man posts a workout almost daily. There are TONS to choose from and all categories, including home workouts. He uses great form and writes down the exact workout in his captions. He also gives plenty of fitness education in his stories and posts. The videos he posts are all long enough for you to be sure you know how to do it and with proper form. 


4. collegecleaneating

Arguably my favorite account to follow. Katrina is funny, smart and a hard worker. She is constantly promoting "normal bodies" and ways to learn to love your body. She does mental health challenges and podcasts and is always working to boost your confidence in different ways. She will post funny videos making fun of herself in the hopes you can laugh more about yourself too. But she's also extremely smart when it comes to health and fitness and will certainly teach you a thing or two. Katrina also posts some pretty great lower body workouts! 


5. jordanke

Jordan is super fun and energetic. She posts tons of healthy recipes and free workouts to her page. She also owns her own fitness company and does challenges throughout the year with cash prizes. I've done a few of her challenges myself, and they always kick my butt! She usually keeps her story pretty full with her active day. She's currently pregnant, so we're getting to follow her journey and see her workouts as she gets further along. If you follow her, definitely sign up for one of her challenges!


Keep in mind that it's up to you who you follow. If you don't like what you're seeing then change it. Hit the unfollow button and start following people who support your health and fitness goals.  


*Ideal Nutrition does not endorse the social media accounts mentioned above or the content they post.