5 Reasons To Never Skip Breakfast

5 easons to never skip breakfas

Breakfast is an important meal that many feel is easy to skip. Some skip it for weight loss and others skip it because of time. Whatever the reason may be, break this habit now. Here are 5 reasons why breakfast is important:

  1. Cognitive reasons. Studies show those who eat breakfast have a better memory and attention span. It can also boost your mood. 
  1. Energy levels. You will feel a drastic difference in your energy levels if you eat breakfast. You won't be dragging your feet out of bed and in a daze as you head to work or the gym. 
  1. Your health. Studies show people who eat breakfast are overall healthier. Why? Eating breakfast gets your metabolism up and running and ready to go for the day. This mean your body will be ready to burn fat throughout the day, rather than sitting stagnant and waiting until your undoubtedly massive lunch.
  1. Less binge sessions. If you leave home with no food -- you WILL get hungry at some point. Control your hunger before it's out of hand and you grab as much food as you can and eat it all in one sitting. 
  1. Fuelling your body. We all live busy lives. You are constantly on the move. Your body needs fuel for that movement. Don't starve it. Keep it fed and all systems working properly. 
And there's no excuse to skip breakfast with Ideal Nutrition. They have tons of breakfast options: from Oreo protein pancakes to eggs and hashbrowns. Pop your meal in the microwave for 2 minutes while you get dressed for the gym or work and head out!