As Ideal As It Gets

Amidst the doom and gloom of 2020, last year was evolutionary for me. The beginning started out great. After almost three years of preparing, I finally bought my first house. The pandemic was declared the very next month.

Going through the lockdown, the restructuring, the pay cut, the layoff, the uncertainty- it was a real-life impending nightmare. There were an overwhelming number of stressors arising in what seemed like a noticeably short amount of time. After 6 months of unemployment, I realized I had to make some major financial adjustments before getting back into an already unstable career field. Very soon after, a good friend of mine put me on to Ideal Nutrition.

It has been over 4 months since I subscribed to Ideal Nutrition, and my family’s living situation could not be more perfect. As time goes by, I realize more and more just how much of a lifestyle game-changer this food has been. Not only am I being delivered high-quality food, but I am also saving a TON of time and money.

As a Fitness Professional and Strength Coach for over a decade, food has always played a key factor in my line of work and personal life. The masterminds at Ideal Nutrition have my clients and I hooked on the menu. The macronutrient ratios are perfectly portioned for many different goals. Although I LOVE to eat, the standard calorie and sodium range of the meals leave me less likely to overindulge, which has coincidently slimmed me down a few pounds (meanwhile exercising less).

With the current CDC guidelines still in place for God knows how long, grocery shopping is a chore to say the least. Not having to travel back and forth, scramble for masks for the family, nor maintaining a 6-foot distance with unpleasant snowbirds is a huge win for me. Also, with my job as a mobile personal trainer, Ideal Nutrition’s insulated delivery bags come in clutch for all my food while I’m on the road. Furthermore, since over 75% of my daily food intake is already Ideal Nutrition ready, I spend much less time prepping and cleaning a kitchen. This makes my wife and I happy; I’m sure you know the saying. Did I mention my 4-year-old eats this stuff too!?

It was after the first month I realized just how much money I was saving, and it wasn’t just because the meals are basically $7 a meal. My family and I rarely go out to eat anymore, and almost any other South Floridian would agree I’m saving a fortune. Because I’m not grocery shopping as often, I’m spending less money on gas, excess food (often junk), and now I’m almost never throwing away old food. Even my fridge stays a little cleaner due to the pristine packaging of Ideal Nutrition’s glorious deliciousness.

If you are looking for more growth, freedom, and overall better health & wellness, Ideal Nutrition is definitely a major move in 2021. I honestly consider myself blessed to have implemented such a critical lifestyle tool. And as a new ambassador for the brand, I would like to thank Hannah and all the staff at Ideal Nutrition for allowing me to spend more time and money on the ones I love the most.