Why my family loves Ideal Nutrition

I pride myself on being a creative person. I’m a photographer and interior designer and I love to create with my hands…anything from crochet to pottery. Unfortunately, I just don’t love to cook. I love food and I love the idea of being amazing in the kitchen and creating all kinds of amazing meals. The reality is, it just isn’t in the cards for me; at least right now, in the busy stage of life.

However, I still want to provide myself and my family with good, nutritious food that we can fit into our budget. That is where I’ve been very happy with Ideal Nutrition. Every meal we’ve tried has been full of flavor, at a great serving size (my 10-year-old daughter typically gets two meals out of one because the sizes are so nice) and it’s been so convenient. My daughter loves

scrolling through the menu options with me as we decide what to order.

My two favorite meals have been the Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo and the Vegetarian Falafel Wrap. Both have been full of flavor and remind me of meals from a couple of my favorite restaurants.