Psychology Behind Healthy Choices

As a registered dietitian, I talk about healthy food choices and dietary habits all day every day. We all know that we should be choosing veggies (Broccoli, I am talking about you!) But pasta is so much more fun! We know we should be eating balanced meals, but cookies or chips for a snack sounds so much better, right! Oh homemade meals are better for us?! Yeah, but we got to live a little and going out is part of our culture!

The question of the day is "Why do we do what we do when we know what we know?

Humans are creatures of habits and the environment! Have you heard a saying "You become an average of 5 people we hang out with"? Well, it is true! Our environment shapes us, we get inspired and motivated by those who we are with! The real difference between those who live a healthy lifestyle and those who don't is that for some it is an easy habitual behavior and for others it is an action requiring a lot of effort like an exercise.

That's why I love working with my private clients in a 2–3-month long program, that is how long it usually takes to establish new behavioral and dietary habits. My job is to educate, support, empower and hold my clients accountable to achieve their health-related goals. 

One of the common diet related problems - "I don't have time to cook!"  That’s why I partnered with Ideal Nutrition that offers a great variety of freshly made meals and delivered to your doorstep.

As I always like to say to my clients: "Failed to prepare? Prepare to Fail!" Planning in advance in the key to healthy eating! When you stock up your fridge with vegetables, fruits, and healthy meals - You'll end up eating healthy!  Choose to surround yourself with people who inspire you be to better, stronger, and healthier or hire a nutritionist specializing in longevity and metabolism optimization! Learn more on my website

The other issue with diet is triggers and habitual behavior: it’s not just what we think is healthy, because all of us know that drinking soda all of the time is probably not a good idea. And that is What goes on in our SLOW brain and we have that idea of what healthy diet is. Yet when we go to a grocery store and we see a huge rack of sugar sweetened beverages sitting in the end of the aisle a lot of people make the decision with their fast brain saying ‘“well this is going to taste good, it will be fine, just have this one thing”.

Or we walk into a restaurant with great aspirations of what we are going to eat and once we smell the French fries and see the menu we say “Yeah the double cheeseburger going to be fine with French fries”

So unfortunately, it’s very easy for our fast brain to make the wrong decisions because it gets triggered by external sources. SO here is the tip: KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS. I mention this info for you guys to take a moment and think what affects you? Is it your family choices, your friends, or your environment?

And remember The growing rate of epidemics of obesity in our country is not caused by genetics, it is caused by the changes in what we eat it’s our fast brain making too many decisions based on a commercial we see or based on what is placed in front of us, or the fact that it is hard to eat healthy in our very busy lives. So, maybe planning and sticking to the plan will make it easier, especially with access to health-conscious businesses like Ideal Nutrition!