How much is your time worth?

A serious question many people should ask themselves is “How much is your time worth?” think about it. It goes deeper than just how much you get paid per job or per hour. Time is the ONE resource you can’t ever get back. You can replenish your money, you can buy a new car, you can build a new business if one fails. But you can never recoup the lost time.

As a professional, balancing a primary job, having a personal life, a relationship, my own hobbies, personal development, fitness goals and working on building a future business of my own. Most of my day is allocated before it even gets started. Just ask the girl I work with who asked me to write this blog post, she’s been asking me for almost 2 months now! Notice I mentioned things I do in a typical day and not once mentioned cooking or shopping for groceries…

I’ve been eating Ideal Nutrition since early 2018 when I was a regional sales manager for a very large energy drink company in the fitness industry. I honestly don’t even remember what shopping for a weeks’ worth of groceries feels like. I do visit the grocery store from time to time for water, dog food and other necessities but I rarely spend any time walking the store. Honestly, I also think I save money using Ideal Nutrition meal delivery service, I go to the grocery store for dog food and end up leaving with something I didn’t need. I couldn’t imagine walking through the isles to get food for the week, I’d buy so many random things. Then also having to cook it a few times a week.

The easiest thing to do is just warm my meals up and I count my macros to stay on track with my fitness goals using the fitness pal app. Most of the meals are already in there so it’s a piece of cake. As a busy professional, staying on track with my fitness goals has never been easier. I literally just work, workout, and focus on bettering myself and build towards my future every day. So again, ask yourself the question, how much are your time and goals worth to you?

Whether your goals are getting fit, staying fit, building a business, spending time with your friends and loved ones, studying, doing your passion, or just grinding hard at your current job. The time you spend shopping, cooking, and thinking about what to eat you could use to focus on your passion. These little steps you take now are the bricks to build your future.