Always On The Go

As a Kettlebell coach always on the go, Ideal Nutrition meals have helped me tremendously to stay in shape and in good health. After a full day of clients, I often catch myself getting back home tired and not wanting to cook. With Ideal Nutrition, all I must do is grab a meal out of the fridge, heat it up, and I’m ready to go.

When I train kettlebells with friends, I usually bring some Ideal Nutrition chocolate protein muffins to share with them because it is a great snack for pre or post workout. When training with kettlebells you’re constantly burning so many calories from the full body engagement that you must replenish those calories right away to keep your energy high. Kettlebell training is like doing cardio and weights at once while working on your strength, conditioning, core stability, balance, mental coordination, and agility. Therefore, I train most of my clients with kettlebells and the number one reason I recommend anyone to train with kettlebells.

If you are someone who struggles with making time to exercise and cook your meals, kettlebell training and Ideal Nutrition meals is the way to go. Within my week, I typically complete 5 days of kettlebell workouts consisting of a mix between full body and upper/lower body day splits. My workouts range from about 30-45 minutes in length which I perform wherever I am! This could be at home, outdoors, or out of town so it’s great to have my meals prepared and ready to go thanks to ideal nutrition. There are zero excuses when it comes to your health.